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1. Why should I choose
We are the KLX Headquarters. However we are not exclusive to the Kawasaki KLX. We offer many great products for all your 4-stroke competition and dual sport needs. We have over 35 years of experience working on 4-stroke motorcycle engines. Many of our customer have had very sucessful racing careers as well and we would like to think that we had a small part in their success.

2. Do you carry all of Stroker's popular KLX product line?
Yes. The name may have changed but FSW still sells many of the popular KLX products you have grown to love.

3. What is a shift kit and why do I need it?
Shift kits on a KLX are a 'must'. They give the bike a positive shifting experience and are easy to install.

4. What happened to the Idle Gear?
By following proper OEM starting specs you can avoid having to replace the Idle Gear. Yes, the Idle Gear is hard, but it's incorrect starting techniques that end up breaking the Idle Gear. FSW does have the only OEM Electric Start kit for the KLX on the Market

All Other FAQ's
5. Why isn't my favorite part on the website? carries many products. As time permits we are trying very hard to get all of our product on the website. If you don't see something listed on the site, please call or drop us a note. More then likely we have it and can arrange for you to purchase it online!

6. Why should I install a magnetic drain plug?
Magnetic drain plugs are always good insurance. They collect any metal shaving as they travel the oil path.

7. What is a body armor package?
A body armor package is available for all 4-stroke bikes.

8. Can FSW do any custom machining?
Yes, FSW has a complete in-house machine shop and custom orders are available.

9. Why do you carry blendzall and how are they?
Blendzall is a great oil and can work in all applications from racing to dual sport applications.

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